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Now, you can refurbish the dining room set, living room tables, and master bedroom set and receive the same points as if you had bought new furniture.

Through this website, an email, or a simple phone call, you can consult Five Star and we will  help you achieve Platinum or Gold status at a competitive prices.

We offer all the renovation work, from the installation of new carpets, tile, cabinet doors, and knobs to decor, lamps, complete furniture refurbishing, re-upholstery, and kitchen and bathroom improvements.


  • Visit our main office at Bahama Bay Resort, we can work together with your unit condition report and find the best way to improve your condo.

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Check Out The Renovation Pages And Contact Us:

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  • Five Star Facility Maintenance is also offering decor items to help the owners get a higher score on the unit condition report.

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For more information, please email us.

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