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  • Front Door Lock.


One of the most important items of a unit is the front door lock. The front door lock does not only allow guest, owners, and employees in the unit, it is also designed to provide detail audit-trail information, such as date and time of the entry as well as the ID code of the employee or guest using the key card.

All front door locks need to be serviced periodically in order to avoid problems. Problems that can occur are dead batteries, dirty card readers, or outdated internal clock.  These problems can all affect the auditing feature and can also inconvenience guest if they are not able to get into the unit due to malfunctioning door lock.

Many unit owners are not familiar of the parts that make up a front door lock or what is covered under the maintenance program.

Below you will be able to see pictures of your door lock and the services that are covered


Services provided under the maintenance program.

– Replacement of front door batteries twice a Year.

– Update the front door clocks Quarterly.

– Reprogram the Front Door Memory (on call 24 hours a day).

– Replace the D-Hole Bearing and the Privacy Cam


Front Lock Off Door Front Lock From Inside The Unit

Front Lock MORTISE Front Lock CARD READER Front Lock MEMORY

Front Lock BATTERY Front Lock D-Hole Bearing Front Lock Privacy Cam



  • Five Star is now offering kitchen counter replacements, please click on the link below for more information.


Corian (3) Corian Installation (2) Corian Installation (4)




  • Do you have white kitchen cabinets that look dated?  We are now offering painting services for cabinetry, it will give the cabinets a fresh new look at a fraction of the cost.

Click on the link below for more information.


Kit. Cabinet (1) Kit. Cabinet (3) Kit. Cabinet (4)


  •  Television Installations and Relocation of Electrical and Coaxial Cable

In order to provide the best service possible, Five Star Facility Maintenance has lowered the price to relocate the electrical and coaxial cable on TV installations.  We are now charging a flat fee of $100.00, this will include the parts and labor to give your unit a nice clean look and will eliminate cables coming down the wall.


Prices for Television Installation

Wall Mount $50.00

TV Installation $50.00

Relocate Electrical and Coaxial Cable  $100.00





  • Door Sweep Installation


After several complaints from guest and owners, we have found the need to install new door sweeps and weather strips on the front doors of units as needed. The door sweep prevents roaches, bugs, dust, light and water from entering the units and at the same time it helps conserve energy.


Price for Door Sweep and Weather Strip Installation ( Parts and Labor Included )

Door Sweep $25.00

Weather Strip per piece $8.50


Door Sweeper



  • Threshold – Carpet Transition Strip Installation 

Carpet thresholds are installed as a transition strip between the tile floors to the carpet.  When the carpet is older it sometimes tends to start separating from the floor and nails start to come through.  In order to keep our guest and owners safe we install the transition strip, this will prevent anyone from cutting their feet with a nail or tripping.  It doesn’t only serve its purpose for safety but it also makes your carpet look better.

Five Star includes thresholds on all new carpet installations.


Prices for Threshold Installation

Threshold $25.00 per transition strip


Carpet Thresholds





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