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Bahama Bay – Maintenance Contract

 Bahama Bay – Maintenance Contract

  • The Maintenance Contract covers most day-to-day service calls and the cost of unskilled labor and parts as noted below (Minor Maintenance Plan).  The Minor Maintenance Plan is an excellent program that allows for the maintenance staff to remedy the following items at no additional charge above the monthly maintenance fee:

Minor Maintenance Plan Includes:

Arrival and Departure Inspections,Unstopping toilets, sinks and tubs (plunger only).

Unclogging toilets, sinks, garbage disposal and tubs (plunger only).

Re-installing towel bars and rods (no repairs i.e. drywall, tile, towel bars).

Replacing batteries in remote controls and smoke detectors.

Programming TV’s, VCR’s and DVD’s.

Re-setting breakers and GFCI’s.

Installing door stops and tips.

Adjusting refrigerators/freezer settings.

Lubricating security latches on sliding glass doors.

Installing screens.

Putting closet doors back on track and installing hardware pins (if needed).

Replacing burned out incandescent light bulbs (specialty bulbs excluded).

Troubleshooting/Diagnostic service calls, i.e. check a/c units, washers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators before calling an Appliance Technician.

Check/repair water leaks before calling a plumber (readily accessible).

Deliver/pick-up loaner small appliances.

Conduct monthly unit walk-through

Delivery of ice and/spare refrigerator due to refrigerator problems.

Replacing sink stoppers.

Installing flapper valves and flush arms in toilets.

Hurricane preparation (taking in patio furniture)

  • Remedies that require additional labor or multiple trips to the unit will be charged to your monthly statement at $45 per hour.


  • Parts are supplied when required for the operation of the item. Parts are not supplied for cosmetic or renovation purposes.

Parts Included On The Monthly Maintenance Contract:

3 Way Light Bulb Dryer Clamp Patio Screen Stove End Cap
40 – W Bath & Appl. L Dryer Filter Receptacle oulet Stove Element
65 – Watt Flood DVD Cable Plate Microwave Stove Glass
75 – Watt Clear DVD Player Pop-up Pin Stove Handle
9v Battery DVD Remote Towel Bar Stove Knob
AA Battery Emergency L Battery Patio Door Lock Telephone
AAA Battery Face Plate Private Lock Pin Tissue Paper
Ballast Light Toilet Fill Valve Patio Door  Bar Toilet Flapper
Bed Door Lock Toilet Wax Ring Patio Door Handle Toilet Flush Valve
Bed Frame Wheel A/C Flood Switch Receptacle Plate Toilet Handle
Blind Trim Fluorescent Light Ref. Water Line Weather Strip
Water H Thermostat Front Door Battery Remote Control Wall Switch
Burner Element Vertical Blind Handle Toilet Seat Telephone
Door Hinges Gasket Sink Telephone Cable Tower Bar holder
Drawer Hinge GFCI Sh. Door W Strip Vertical Track Blind
Refrigerator Shelf Clip Patio Light Globe Shower Handle Bath Cartridge
Coax Cable Toilet Support Nut Shower Head Wall Plate
Cold & Hot valve Closet Door Hardware Sink Clip Vertical Blind
D Battery Holder Toilet Paper Sink Sprayer Microwave Light
Disposal Stopper Ice Maker Copper Line Sink Stopper Kit. Sink Drain
Diverter Cartridge Insert Sh. Handle Kit. Small Light Cover Bath. Sink Pop Up
Door Bell Stove Knob Shower Door Handle Tub Stopper
Door Chain Closet Door Knob Smoke Alarm AC Filter
Door Stopper Lamp Adapter Weight Blind Paint Touch UP
Drawer Track Lamp Knob Weather Strip Disposal Key



  •  The Scheduled Services are included as part of the Maintenance Contract. The services and frequency of service are outlined in the schedule below.

Bi-Monthly Schedule Services:

HVAC Filter Replacement (Parts and Labor)


Quarterly Schedule Services:

Inspection of life & safety equipment and light (Parts and Labor)

Touch-Up Paint & caulking (Parts and Labor)

HVAC maintenance and inspection (Parts and Labor)

Appliance inspection and maintenance (Parts and Labor)


Semi-Annual Schedule Services:

Patio & Screen Pressure Wash (Equipment, gas, and labor)

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning (Equipment, chemicals, and labor)


Annual Schedule Services:

Dryer Duct Cleaning (Equipment and labor)

Front Door Clock Updating, Cleaning, and Battery Replacement (Parts and Labor)

Smoke Alarm Battery Replacement (Parts and Labor)


  • The monthly fee for the Maintenance Contract will be charged to the Owner’s rental statement. Parts, repairs, and skilled labor costs not covered under the Maintenance Contract will be invoiced separately and will appear on the Owner’s rental statement. 


  • New units will be inspected, and a cost estimate the work required to bring the unit to a standard level will be provided. The monthly Maintenance Fee does not include replacement items, repair costs, or labor costs for new units entering the rental program. 



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